Friday, July 4, 2014

All about Black Mica

Black Mica
Black mica is the hottest trend in the market today. This is also called as biotite and a common silicate mineral. This features shiny surfaces and like most of the mica, this splits into thin flakes together having a perfect cleavage. Black mica is a mineral that can be found in igneous rocks. Some of these are metamorphic rocks and granites.

Black mica is also known as a sheet silicate. Magnesium, iron, silicon, aluminum, hydrogen, and oxygen form into sheets, which are bond together in a weak manner by the potassium ions. This is sometimes called as the iron mica because this contain more iron when compared to the phlogopite. It was also called as black mica to set a difference from the white mica.

When it comes to the properties of the black mica, like several mica, this has basal cleavage. It also consists of flexible sheets or lamellae, which flake off quickly. This has a system of monoclinic crystal with prismatic and tabular crystal, which comes with pinacoid termination. This has 4 prism face and 2 pinacoid faces to create a pseudohexagonal crystal. 

Black Mica
Although this is not easily seen because of sheets and cleavage, the fracture may not be even. This appears greenish to black or brown and even yellow when this is weathered. This may be also transparent to opaque and has a pearly as well as vitreous luster. There are cases that black mica is found in large chunks. This is called books because of its form that has numerous pages of sheets.

As mentioned above, black mica is found in different igneous and metamorphic rocks. For instance, this happens in the lava. This is an important phenocryst in several kinds of lamprophyre. This is also seen in large cleavable crystals particularly in the pegmatite veins like in Virginia, North Carolina, and many more. Some renowned black mica occurrences were also seen in Sudbury and Bancroft. This is also important constituent of some metamorphic schists and this creates a great composition over different pressure and temperature.

Most experts continue their studies as well as research regarding black mica as they know that this can be a beneficial mineral in the end. As of today, there are different companies that turned this into an extract, which can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes. Thus, if you want to try what black mica can provide you, then don’t miss using black mica extract because this is useful for anyone.

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