Thursday, October 23, 2014

All about Black Mica

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Black mica is getting popular at present. This is known as the biotite and this is a common silicate mineral. This has shiny surfaces and like all the mica, this splits into think flakes having a great cleavage. Black mica is a type of mineral, which can be found in igneous rocks like granites and metamorphic rocks.

Black mica is also known as a sheet silicate. Iron, oxygen, hydrogen, magnesium, and silicon form into sheets that bond together weakly by the potassium ions. This is sometimes known as the iron mica. The reason behind it is that this has more iron in comparison to the phologopite. This was called as the black mica to set it apart from the white mica.

In terms of the black mica properties, like several kinds of mica, this has highly basal cleavage and consisted of flexible sheets or lamellae that quickly flake off. This has a system of monoclinic crystal with tabular as well as prismatic crystal that has pinacoid termination. This has four prism face and two pinacoid faces to make a pseudohexagonal crystal. 

Although this is not easily seen because of sheets and cleavage, the fracture may not be even. This also appears greenish to black or brown. Sometimes, it is yellow when it is weathered. This can be also transparent to opaque and has a pearly and vitreous luster. Oftentimes, black mica is found in the huge chunks, which are known as books as it resemble as a book with several sheets of pages.

As mentioned above, black mica is found in different igneous and metamorphic rocks. For instance, this happens in the lava. This is an essential phenocryst in different types of lamprophyre. This is also found in big cleavable crystals especially in the pegmatite veins like in the state of Virginia, North Carolina, and much more. Some renowned black mica occurrences were also seen in Sudbury and Bancroft. This is also a vital constituent of several metamorphic schists and this forms in perfect compositions over various temperature and pressure.

Majority of experts continue their studies and research about black mica as they know that this can be a beneficial mineral in the coming years. As of now, there are several companies that turned this into an extract that can be used for several purposes. Therefore, if you like to try what black mica can offer, don’t hesitate to consider black mica extract as it can useful to everyone.

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